Nutrino Lab

Your shortcut to healthy snack

Completely natural Nutrino Lab healthy snacks and refreshing juices made from 100% fruit and vegetables, with a high nutritional value and no sugar added, are aimed at making fruit from gardens and tropical regions available to everyone all year long. 

Nutrino Lab puree mixes are your shortcut to fresh fruit and vegetables in unique pouch packaging, preserving freshness, aroma and all nutritive values of fruit and vegetables.  

Fruit and vegetables of certified growers that we turn into fruit and functional puree mixes are natural and healthy choice of a snack to go, always at hand when in office, park or at fitness class. 

Thanks to the innovative production technology, Nutrino Lab puree mixes are rich with vitamins, minerals and antioxidant from fruit and vegetables and are an ideal snack throughout the day. 

Whether you need a healthy shortcut to fruit, extra energy or to clear your head, Nutrino Lab fruit and functional puree mixes will meet diverse energy needs, thanks to ideally balanced tastes of pure fruit and vegetables. 

Nutrino Lab juices are a true refreshment, making you feel as if you had just enjoyed a freshly picked apple, plum, raspberry or quince. 

Ready to go, Nutrino Lab products are nutritious, with no additives or preservatives, always fresh and irresistibly delicious. Choose your favourite fruit mix, break up the monotony and enjoy a guilt-free snack! 



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