Get to know our food safety standards

At the very start we set high production standards and chose a responsible approach in terms of food quality and safety. Every segment of our production process above all places special focus on preserving the safety our products, in line with internationally prescribed standards.

State of the art technological equipment

Our production system is based on four pillars:
1. High-quality raw materials
2. Controlled production process 
3. State-of-the-art equipment
4. Clean room panels

About us

Mission and vision

We are BFF — Baby Food Factory — and caring for proper and healthy kids’ eating habits is among our most important tasks. 

Just like any other mom, we too understand our work very seriously. We fullyunderstand every mother and every child. We provide support to moms intheir most wonderful role and most important calling. We help them by makingfood for children, so that little people become big with healthy habits.