Ideal solution for all parents, because your child deserves the best

Nutrino products are an ideal solution for all parents striving to provide their children with proper growth and development and making sure that the food their children consume is of 100% natural origin, with no sugar and preserves added.

Each Nutrino product, including baby food in jars, fruit purees in pouch packs, dry or liquid baby cereals, and baby juices, are produced by applying the latest technology and strict quality and safety controls, and are thus a synonym of healthy and high-quality food for the youngest. 

Baby food in jars is packed in a heat-shrinking foil, protecting the product from light, dust and opening, whereas jar processing prevents development of microorganisms. 

Fruit purees in pouches with no sugar added and made from 100% fruit, are prefect for both babies and older infants, even school children, as they represent a healthy snack in a practical pack, preserving freshness, aroma and taste, as well as all nutritive values of fruit. 

Products from the Nutrino portfolio represent the right solution for nutrition of children from the earliest age, and thanks to the new range of Nutrino Organic products, which protects biodiversity of our planet, they are as perfect as nature is.

Whatever product from the Nutrino portfolio you choose, have no doubt that it is of the highest quality and that you will contribute to healthier growth of your children, enabling them to discover the world around them.




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